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Tunji Anthony Olu-Taiwo

Happy Engineer..Critical Thinker

About Me

I am a happy engineer and I love to make things happen. I love meeting people and finding ways to think about the future. I am an Entrepreneur, a Writer, a Speaker, an Innovator and a UI/UX Designer among many others. I am an Android enthusiast. I spend a great deal of time being happy and a greater deal of time spreading Happiness to others. My Hobbies include Walking, Thinking and Happiness.
Imotivate: You are a wonderful person.

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Professional Skills

  • Happiness
    Expert knowledge
  • Android
    Advanced user
  • Everything
    Can be Learnt
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EMUPlaces is a mobile application that shows points of interest around Eastern Mediterranean University. It has an interactive Google maps that enables you to get vital information and directions from your current location to any destination around EMU.


Drawli is the smooth app that allows you draw and collaborate on a drawboard in realtime with your friends.


Everyask is the social Polling app that allows you to collect Feedback from a live audience.

Realtime HeartRate

Visualize your Heartrate in Realtime on your smartphone

  • emuplaces
  • drawli
  • everyask

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